Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's just me

Like most 3yos, the Nugget frequently discourages us from singing, dancing, or talking. Or blinking or chewing. (I read that Helena Bonham Carter based her Queen of Hearts character on her toddler daughter's dictatorship, and I'm guessing that she is three too.) He used to say, "No, don't sing!" or, "Stop talking." His edicts were usually given at a high volume, occasionally with foot stomping. Now there's picking your battles and there's creating a monster, so after several months of discussing manners and why other people get to talk or tilt their heads or blink their eyes whenever they feel like it, without getting Nugget permission, he has finally settled on a quasi-polite alternative, delivered sotto voce.

"It's just me."

This phrase indicates that he would please like a solo performance of whatever he's doing. Fair enough.

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