Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow Day

About a month ago, friends and family started emailing and calling about the snow. Are you ok? Are you snowed in? Your city is on the news! That week, it had been snowing every day, but we had only about a foot on the ground, and the streets were completely cleared and salted by our amazing road crews. I couldn't even understand why this was newsworthy. I told everyone it was nothing, that it was just our normal Midwest winter snowfall.

Now, we have THE LAKE EFFECT SNOW. 24 inches and it's still falling, 2-3 inches each hour. I love it until I have to venture out for groceries. It's the stuff snow days and winter dreams are made of. Incredibly, there are plenty of area businesses still open today. We won't be enjoying any of them as the plow hasn't come to our street yet. But I have hot coffee in my mug, our power is blessedly on (for now), a few meals stocked in the freezer so I can delay a grocery run, and the best little helper in the world.

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