Friday, January 14, 2011

Todos juntos

Last month, the Nugget watched Grammy print photos from her compact printer. He watched in slack-jawed fascination as the paper slid out, first yellow, then red, then a full color photo. This week, he requested a small piece of paper from my notepad. He scribbled on it with a pencil, then slid it slowly under his calendar, making a low "Schzzz," sound and retracted it...once, twice, three times. Then he exclaimed, "Look Mommy! It's me, Santa, and Baby Cabbage!"
The Nugget has a Handy Manny doll but prefers to call him Handy Mandy or Handy Manatee. "I'm gonna play with you, Handy Manatee. We work together, todos juntos!"
Today when I went to get the Nugget in the morning, he greeted me with a squeak. "I'm a guinea pig, Mom! And this is guinea pig's Giraffe. Look, guinea pig is scampering!" And he slam-crawled (he slaps the floor ferociously with his hands and knees - not sure how he doesn't get bruises) across the room repeatedly, squeaking.

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