Monday, March 7, 2011

On chocolate, chubby squirrels, and chopsticks

While perusing a jewelry catalog, the Nugget noticed a ring hidden in a box of chocolates.
"Look, that chocolate is wearing a ring!  Ha!  I have never seen that!"
I was laughing and shaking my head at something funny the Nugget was saying/doing, and he said,
N:  Why are you shaking your head?  Daddy doos that all the time.  Why does he do that?
Me:  I think it's because we do silly things.
N:  Yeah, we crack ourselves up.
"Look, there's a squirrel!  It's chubby!  I love it!  Awww!"
"I like to wash my hands with hot water.  It's hot like fire.  Fire is orange.  I like orange.  And purple.  And all the colors."
The Nugget had his utensils act out some conflict resolution last night, giving them each voices.
Spoon:  I'm squishing the rice, squish, squish, squash.
Chopsticks:  NO!  Don't do that, spoon.  I'm sad because you're squishing the rice.  That hurts my feelings.
Spoon:  Oh, do you want a turn?
Chopsticks:  Yes, I just want to pick it up like this.
Spoon:  But I'm squishing it.  Ok, you can have a turn now.
Chopsticks:  Oh, thank you, Spoon!

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