Monday, April 4, 2011


 cousins conspiring

 hamming it up for the camera

 double face plant

 finally meeting Doggie Riley

Grandpa time

We are home from our first family double-header.  We decided to combine our trips to CO and WA this year to save on air fare.  Here are just a few photos from the first leg of the trip.  We stayed with my brother, his wife, and Baby Cabbage.  My parents met us there, and my sister was in the process of moving out of CO that same weekend, so we got to see her a little bit too.

Top 10 Memories from CO (by the Nugget)
10.  Giant sandbox at the local park, complete with diggers, troughs, funnels, and moving trays.  I snuck some sand in my shoes to take home as a souvenir.
9.  Playing fetch with Doggie Riley.
8.  Riding in Grammy and Grandpa's rental car and Uncle J and Aunt K's new ride.  Now that I'm in a booster seat, the parents are more willing to let me take rides in other people's cars.
7.  Exploring Colorado.  And by Colorado, I mean Uncle J's and Aunt K's apartment.  Seriously, that's Colorado.  I'm not sure where exactly we were when we went outside.  I kept asking the parents and they kept insisting that the apartment was just a part of Colorado, but they are really confused.
6.  Helping Baby Cabbage take a bath.  With ALL of her ducks.
5.  Reading I Love You, Stinky Face with Aunt K.
4.  Taking pictures with Baby Cabbage.  She taught me this funny face plant thing that made all the grown ups laugh.  And that made us laugh more.  And face plant more.
3.  Tasting and making my own frozen yogurt treat at Spooners.  Mmm, good.
2.  Baby Cabbage's lovey, Violet.  She sang songs and taught me how to spell Cabbage's name.  Violet and I were inseparable all weekend, and before I left, Aunt K and Uncle J got me Violet's cousin, Scout!
1.  Aunt K brought me along for the new car's emissions test.  Why didn't Mommy bring the camera for the most amazing experience of my entire life?  I want to go there lots and lots.

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