Friday, May 6, 2011

May I have it in a sentence, please?

I have 2 new vocabulary words, complete with definitions, straight from the mouth of the Nugget.

Blass goss:  something you use to ride a horse and a cow (I think he means a saddle)

Bamber:  like a waterfall made of milk; a milkfall
"A has lots of curly hair, because she braided it lots and lots at the supermarket when she was born-ned."
We have a new sitter, Miss A.  For the first night she was here with the Nugget, we wanted to make it special, so she brought her Curious George movie with her for them to watch together.  He watched it solemnly.  When it was over, she asked, "How did you like the movie?"  The Nugget responded, "I didn't like it because George made sad choices."
Pictured:  The Nugget's new circus act.  He goes from standing to upside down in half a second.  So beware if he takes both of your hands...this is what he has in mind.  Hold on tight!

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