Friday, May 13, 2011

Table Talk

The Nugget commonly converses with his food.  Here's one conversation he had with his asparagus.
Aspargus:  Oh no!  I'm afraid!  I'm afraid of the teeth.  The teeth are going to bite me.
Nugget:  Nom nom nom.  Now you're at the party in my tummy.

I caught the Nugget sprinkling crumbs from his placemat (have I mentioned I'm not the best housekeeper?!) into his cereal bowl.  He looked at me proudly and said, "I'm adding some seasoning."

N:  Did you hear that?  *slurping milk*
Me:  Yes.
N:  That was an old sound.

N:  Stand up, Dad!
D:  What?
N:  Stand up, please.
D:  Why?
N:  So I can take things (iPod Touch) out of your pocket.

N:  This grape is Miss K.  This one is Nucas, and this one is Dawa.  They're going to the party.
Me:  Um, ok.  (Note to self - conduct internet search re: Is it normal for preschoolers to pretend to be cannibals?)
N:  K & K are there too!  And some milk is there too.


  1. I'm glad that the Nugget still talks about me at dinner, just not sure about being eaten! ;-)

  2. Oh, and tell Nugget that Mr. A feels left out.

  3. Sounds like the party place to be is in Nugget's Tummy!!