Friday, June 10, 2011


"Oof!  Scout, you are getting big and heavy!  You are growing!" (Man, I hope not.  That would be all kinds of creepy.)

"I'm thankful that Daddy got a haircut."

"Don't worry, Llama, I got ya."

"I believe this is a wheat seed."

At the zoo with his friends, the Nugget exclaimed, "I need a beer."  (Ironically, we only get a single 6-pack every month or so.)

While backing out of the driveway, we spotted the mailman delivering mail 3 houses down.  He was walking on the sidewalk, and the Nugget warned me,
"Mommy, don't squish the mailman with the car."

At the barbershop, watching Daddy get a haircut, the Nugget exclaimed, "The barber is cutting the hair! But not the face!"

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  1. Tim and I had a good laugh over these tonight. Thank you for writing such entertaining blog posts!