Tuesday, July 19, 2011


July 17 is a very special day for our family.  Both Nugget and Cabbage chose this date to make their debuts into the world.  Often we ponder and marvel at the odds for Grammy and Grandpa to have 2 grandchildren with the very same birthdate.  And this weekend, I wondered if being birthday buddies has given Nugget and Cabbage some sort of special cousin connection, because they are hooked on each other.  An arm-grabbing, face-scratching incident aside, they were pretty much a Hallmark movie all weekend.

Sweet Nugget-Cabbage Moments:
8.  At the party when one of the other babies took a toy from Cabbage's hands, the Nugget sallied forth to her rescue, "No, we DO NOT grab from Baby Cabbage!  Cabbage was playing with that."  This moment became less sweet as he then decided to regard this baby with suspicion the entire rest of the party, and I had to keep shooing him away from her.  (I think it's clear that Uncle J will be able to borrow him to intimidate Cabbage's future suitors.)
7.  Grammy took the kids for a walk, with Nugget pushing Cabbage in the stroller.
6.  The Nugget gave the Cabbage a tutorial on how to operate one of her new toys for almost half an hour.
5.  "I'm going to teach Cabbage how to scamper."
4.  Holding hands (pictured)
3.  They took turns tickling each other and laughing hysterically
2.  Cabbage pulled up on Nugget's chair while he was watching a video and tapped him on the shoulder with her tiny index finger.  He turned around with a big grin to find her grinning back.
1.  After we left, the Nugget said, "I think Baby Cabbage misses me.  Hopefully we'll get to see her next time."

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