Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nugget 2 Strip...Is that like Boyz 2 Men?

While Nugget is an alias I use for the blog, it is also a nickname we use in real life.  I hadn't intended on giving our son a random nickname, but when I laid eyes on him for the first time, he was so much bigger and softer than I had imagined, all compact in the way newborns curl up, I turned to Hubby and said, "Oh my, he's such a big Nugget!"  And his Tummy Mummy claimed to have a craving for McNuggets throughout her pregnancy with him, so Nugget just seemed fitting.

Yesterday, we were playing a silly game in the car, where the Nugget calls out a series of words, and I call back to him.  (Backstory:  At one restaurant we frequent, the Nugget has a choice between chicken nuggets or chicken strips.  Lately, he's been choosing the strips.)

N:  Oh, Mommy.
M:  Oh, Nugget.  (I really said Nugget, not his name.)
N:  Oh, Strip.
M:  (pause)  Huh?  Oh, do you mean like a chicken strip?
N:  Yes.  Oh, Nugget.  Oh, Strip.  I'm not a Nugget anymore, I'm a Strip.  And you're a Strip.  And Daddy's a Strip.  We are a family of Strips.

Pictured, the Nugget turns a basket into the world's tallest fez.  If I can just get him to pose like this, the Will Ferrell resemblance continues.