Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am like a broken record with the fruit farms, right?  Can't help it, maybe I was a farmer or a fruit picker in a past life.  It is my favorite kind of exercise.  We trekked out to another local orchard this weekend for Redhaven peaches, and came home with apples and blackberries too.

We had to stop for lunch on the way home but hadn't pre-mapped out family-friendly restaurants.  We took a gamble and just slowed down when we came to the closest town's main drag and spied a little soda shop.  It was an absolute treasure - popcorn and water beat our menus to the table, our delicious panini sandwiches were wrapped in parchment paper and  delivered in tin lunchboxes, and we picked out single scoop ice cream cones, all under $25.

I've got a peach pie in the fridge (although I'm tempted to call it the ice box when it is holding a feels so Laura Ingalls Wilder) and applesauce cooling on the stove.

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  1. I LOVE to read your blog !! Such wonderful adventures for your darling Nugget and your pictures are terrific. I also love those "Little House on the Prairie" experiences. I think I'll bake some yeast bread this afternoon while I watch the Little League World Series-it's very exciting. I'm sure the Ingalls family would have watched little league if they had ESPN:)