Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Nugget Quotes

N:  Mama, Daddy, close your eyes.  I'm going to get my pajamas on all by myself and surprise you!
M:  Ooo, I am going to be surprised!
N:  Yes, and I will be so pwoud of myself.

N:  Daddy, are you going to have a good sleep?
D:  Yes, are you?
N:  No, I'm going to stay wide awake all night long.

N:  Whoa, look at that very fancy truck.
M:  Yes, I see it!
N:  That's tight.
(Where in the heck did he learn that?!)

M:  Remember that you will need to take turns and share all the toys at school.
N:  Yes, but if I see a friend who's going to play with my best toy, I will run super duper really fast and get it first.  Then I won't have to grab it.

Scout:  I want it to eat chocolate.  That's my favorite food.
N:  Scout, chocolate is not a food.  It's a dessert, and you can't have it all the time.

N:  Mama, I was thinking that today we could go somewhere.
M:  Well, today, you get to go to school!
N:  Oh!  I am going to be very pleased!

Every night at dinner since our trip to OH, the Nugget says,
"And I'm thankful that we're going to see Baby Cabbage next time."

After tuck-in, we head downstairs and the Nugget usually yells, "Sweet dreams!  See you next time!"  Tonight, he added, "Good luck!"

"Look, I am the most ginormous butterfly I ever saw."

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