Friday, August 26, 2011

Quiet Bag

I always love hearing what other parents put in their child's "quiet bag".  You know, the bag of toys you pack for church, restaurants, doctor's offices, or visiting a parent at work, baby sib's nap/nursing time, etc.

I have a really funny quiet bag story from my own childhood.  My mom got me these mini saint books with pretty watercolor illustrations for my quiet bag.  I don't think she read them or she assumed that at 4-6, I wouldn't be reading, I'd just be admiring the pictures.  Well, I was an early reader, and the books weren't just saint books.  They were martyr stories, with deaths recorded in gruesome detail!  So as a 5yo girl in church, I would read them and mull over my death options.  Would I prefer to go with a swift beheading?  Or maybe eaten by lions.  I drew the line at burning at the stake.  Imagine my relief and surprise when I found out that modern Christians were typically not required to die violently.  Love you, Mom!

I rotate the contents of the Nugget's quiet bag, but here's a few rotations worth, minus the nightmare-inducing books.  I combine 2-3 rotations when I know it will be a marathon event like a wedding or waiting in line at the health department for a flu shot!  Tell me, what's in your kid's quiet bag?
Rotation 1:
mini notebook
Silly Putty
Schleich animals
Color Wonder markers and book

Rotation 2:
plush lovey friend
crayons and coloring book
pipe cleaners

Rotation 3:
Matchbox car or airplane
mini photo album
Spirograph set
return address labels
sheet of construction paper

Rotation 4:
Wikki Stix
lacing cards

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