Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beautiful Autumn

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  In my opinion, anyway; Andy Williams might beg to differ.  The sunlight has officially changed into my very favorite golden rays, creating roads dappled with light as it filters through the trees.  A few early-achieving trees have shed some leaves already; the Nugget and I plucked a select few from the sidewalk to become immortalized through crayon rubbings.  I see bits of yellow glinting and winking from the canopy.  The air is fresh and crisp, and I love flinging the windows open to bring it into the house.  I gleefully pulled out my jeans and down vest yesterday.  And my hot coffee mug seems more comforting in my hands during the fall.  Sweaters, corduroys, boots, pumpkins, red leaves, and mittens will be soon to follow but for now I will revel in this in-between.  The tug of war between chilly mornings and warm afternoons, of wearing hoodies paired with shorts and being able to complete a brisk 3 mile walk without breaking a sweat.

Football season is underway, which for our family means out-of-town visitors, tailgating, and the free entertainment of marching band rehearsals.  The band played Lady Gaga's "On the Edge", which brought a smile to the Nugget's Top-40-loving heart.  The Nugget marched, danced, and whirled with a new friend, and squeal-scampered back to our legs when the clarinet section suddenly came running off the practice field.  He snarfed several servings of whole grain Tostitos at a friend's tailgate, and spent a blissful day with his favorite sitter while we attended the home opener.  Our team is off to another rough start, but we are loyal fans nonetheless and will be cheering them on even if they finish the season with an 0 in the W column (but digits crossed for at least a few Ws, please!).

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