Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cooking show, cow song, and Colorado

When passing some new townhomes, the Nugget exclaimed, "That looks like Colorado!"  Indeed, they looked like Cabbage and Company's former residence.

"I was dreaming about harvesting blueberries.  It was a sweet dream, because the berries were very sweet."

The Nugget's preschool is doing a study on sports.  College athletes and coaches are taking time out of their days to volunteer at the school, running mini clinics on their sport.  The Nugget is inspired and now insists on playing both baseball and soccer in the backyard daily.  He forces includes us in the practice, assessing our pitches and kicks with authority.  "That was a nice one, Daddy."  "Mommy, that pitch was a little bit high."

We are borrowing lots of Mister Rogers dvds from the library these days.  The Nugget's favorite part is the factory tour under the special features.  So far, we've marveled at the creation of construction paper, pretzels, crayons, and teddy bears.

The Nugget likes to run his own cooking show at the sand table.  Today, I will share his recipe for Water Vapor Dough.
"Now, we are going to make Water Vapor Dough.  Well, we start with this wet sand.  Mama, can you put wet sand in your hand like I am doing?  You have a little too much, try to make yours look like mine.  Ok, that's it.  Now, we put our sand in the bucket.  And then, we add frown sugar.  Not brown sugar, FROWN sugar.  Now I crumble this yeast.  And one more.  A little bit of brown sugar.  There, now I smooth it out.  It won't be ready today, it takes a very lot of time.  When it's done, it will taste like milkshakes. "

The Nugget is fully capable of pronouncing Daddy, but he has a new slang title which is utterly adorable.  "Daa-eee!"  He is also back to calling me "Mama", which is sweet.

A new favorite song is Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.  The Nugget calls it, "The Cow Song," because of the line, "Moo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooves like Jagger."  "It's a cow singing, Mama!"

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