Thursday, September 1, 2011


One thing that is a healthy challenge for the Nugget and me is downtime at home.  I am always tempted to pack up and head off on an adventure, but I aim for one day a week where we sit tight.  It's good for the imagination - his and mine.

Today, we tried out a recipe for sidewalk paint.  We mixed equal parts cornstarch and water, then a couple drops of food coloring.  I loved the way it dried, smooth to the touch.  The Nugget found it ideal for painting cyclops.


We also made a batch of birthday cards.  I spotted this on Pinterest.   I tweaked the concept to make an easy preschooler craft.  I used double-stick tape to create a 4 on construction paper.  Then I let the Nugget hole punch a bunch of construction paper scraps, and he stuck the punches on by hand.  We sprinkled glitter on top to make it extra festive and use up the stickiness of the tape.  I had the Nugget glitter on a tray, and I used a lint roller to clean up the excess (also a Pinterest find; I'm addicted).  I also gave the Nugget several pieces of tape to arrange in a pattern of his choosing.  The Nugget usually has a short attention span for crafts, but he loved this project and spent a good hour on it.

One more fun thing - I didn't get pictures, but his sitter Miss A came up with the idea to make pudding with the Nugget this week.  I froze the extra into popsicles, and they were yummy.

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