Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Days

Autumn fluctuates between gold and gray.  We got a little sun break yesterday, but the majority of our past week has been solidly in gray territory.  

I prefer the gold, but gray is the reason rubber boots and raincoats were invented.  The Nugget knows the fine art of puddle stomping, and verbalizes the wonders of dirt swirling around his lobster boots.  And there is nothing like coming out of the gray into a lovely dry bookstore and warming up with a chai tea latte (me) and a hot pretzel (Nugget).

The grayness means that we can't go to the playground but that I can entertain the Nugget for hours with a turkey baster, some food colors, and a few cups of tap water.  That $2.25 turkey baster might not ever see a turkey in this house, but it's going to get plenty of QT with the Nugget.  Maybe I will add a set of eyedroppers to this tray next time and tell him that the turkey baster had babies.

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