Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The Nugget started soccer lessons, and I didn't know that it was possible, but little shin guards and knee socks conspire to make him extra adorable.  The class itself is hilarious - 2 of the 4 children know how to play soccer already.  The Nugget is in the other half; he doesn't really understand what's happening, but he finds it all very fun and exciting.  "Coach, look at this!  Watch me doing this!"  He has got a great punt and dribbling skills already.  But he keeps trying to set the ball up with his hands, like a golfer teeing up.

I think years of drilling sharing and taking turns makes this whole concept of sports competition a little confusing though.  When Coach asked the kids to run a friendly 1-on-1 drill, the Nugget raced his friend K out to the ball, but when she got to it first, he totally stopped and cheered her on, "Go, K!  Yay!"  And when he got to it first, he passed it to her immediately,  "Here, it's your turn now."  It was all very chivalrous and heart-warming, at least better than him knocking her down to get the ball.  

One of the coaches brought her 18 month old to toddle around during lesson, which distracted both K and the Nugget, but for different reasons.  K wanted to go right into babysitting mode, and the Nugget was distraught that the baby was not following directions but instead rearranging the cones.  K's mom turned to me during the first 10 minutes and said, "I think Coach has his work cut out for him with this group."  He's going to earn his class fee, for sure!

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