Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alternative Halloween Treats

On our October line-up this year:  Trunk or Treat, Halloween party, Zoo Boo, and traditional Trick-or-Treat in our neighborhood.  Clearly, Nugget and friends are in for a sugary October.  I hand out fun-sized chocolate bars on Halloween, but for the rest of the festivities, I like to distribute alternative treats.  But I remember clearly how much I abhorred raisin boxes on Halloween, so here's a list of kid-appreciated alternates.

Little bags of salty:
Goldfish crackers
Pirate Booty

Fruit snacks
Fruit squeezers
Animal crackers
Mini graham crackers
Granola or cereal bars

Temporary tattoos
Mini Play-Doh tubs
Glow bracelets (get a tube of them at Dollar Tree)
Bouncy balls
Lego Mini Figs (buy them in bulk, give out 1 per kid - will only be cost effective if you have a small group)
Pencils and erasers

To bring to parties:
String cheese and crackers
Yogurt squeezers

Care packages:
Cute snappies - I especially like the orange swiss dot because it will have a useful life beyond Halloween
Ghosts in the House - I flipped through a copy at B&N, and the illustrations are amazing!  Looks like hard-carved woodcuts plus sheer tissue? fabric?  Whatever it is, this book is a thing of beauty, and the story is sweet, not scary.
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything - Disembodied clothing tries to spook a little old lady, but she won't fall for it.
The I'm Not Scared Book - Not exactly Halloween-y, though there is one page with costumed children.  Todd Parr validates common fears but then empowers children with solutions that will make them feel braver.

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