Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cousins in Kalamazoo

We lived in WA for the first 15 months of the Nugget's life.  My mom always said, "Anytime you are east of the Mississippi, we will come see that baby!"  And indeed, they traveled to the southeast when we came for a wedding to sneak in some extra Nugget time.  We took a page from their book and joined them when Cabbage and Co. were in Michigan this weekend.  We took the Nugget out of school, boarded the dog, and packed up the car...all worth it for some precious cousin time.

The hotel was amazing - nestled in a big beautiful building with multiple restaurants, stores, and a coffee shop.  The kids were awestruck by 2 sets of escalators, a fountain, and a long hallway with a giant fish tank.  Empty conference rooms flanked the opposite wall, so it was perfect for letting the children run off some energy.  We spent several hours watching them run and play in that hallway, where their squeals didn't bother a soul.  Best of all, a hotel pool and 3 adjoining rooms.  It was like a college suite, with Grammy and Grandpa's room as the central hangout.

Cabbage is walking now, still on the tiniest feet imaginable.  Her hair has changed to a caramel color that women would spend big bucks to get from a stylist.  She is starting to talk in earnest, and like her mommy, she uses her hands expressively.  One of my favorite Cabbage moves is when she walks with her hands clasped behind her back, demonstrating her advanced walking skills.  Also thrillingly adorable is when she places both tiny hands over her mouth in dramatic fashion and exclaims, "Oh wow!"

The Nugget sees himself as her mentor.  "Look at me, Cabbage!  Can you do this?  Can you drum like this?  Can you say, 'water'?  Come here, Cabbage, come play hide and seek!"  He was her willing pawn in the "throw the cup/flower/etc on the ground" game that 1 year olds love to play, fetching it for her over and over again with a big loopy smile on his face, golden retriever-style.  He invited her to sit on his Trunki while he pulled it from room to room, both of them squealing in delight until Cabbage was removed for a diaper change, her face red and her legs kicking in indignation - a foreshadowing of her toddler years.  So in love with that girl, and we can't wait until we can see them again!

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