Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eyebrows and other Stuff

Noodle can now wiggle and waggle his eyebrows along with my other boys. It is great fun watching him relax and feel at home here.  Noodle and Nugget often go into squeal-laugh fits with each other.  That said, the Nugget has already started the, "I don't want him to look at me," complaint.  I think most parents find that super annoying, but after waiting so long to hear the laughter and squabble of siblings, it is (practically) music to my ears.

Nugget:  What is my placemat doing on my chair?!
Me:  I don't know...
Nugget:  Maybe the night wind blew it!

The Nugget invented a new game and dubbed it "Hurry, catch-catch."  To play HCC, you take turns throwing a frisbee, then you both race each other to fetch it.  It is important that during the race portion, you both yell, "Hurry, catch-catch, hurry, catch-catch, hurry, catch-catch," until the winner triumphantly grabs it off the ground.  Repeat about a zillion times, or until one of you steps in dog poop, or until the adult tires and requests a water break.

Hubby gets the Best Dad Ever award, as he took both boys to Zoo Boo when I felt too feverish to attend this weekend.  I am so lucky!  With the Nugget missing Trunk or Treat due to croup, I am knocking on wood and hand sanitizing like crazy, hoping that we are all healthy for the 31st!

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