Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There are three boys in the house.  Hubby, Nugget, and a newcomer.  I got a call yesterday afternoon, "Could you foster a 4 month old baby boy?"  Our littlest houseguest has a big round noggin covered with nothing but brown peach fuzz, round green eyes, a cute little chin, and 10 tiny toes.  I'll call him Noodle.  As previously mentioned, we are not allowed to post pictures nor share any backstory, but we can describe our new life as we know it.

Doggie initially gave me a look like, "Are we seriously doing this again?" But she can't resist his charm, nor her maternal/herding instincts to serve and protect the littlest member of our pack.

The Nugget is equal parts enchanted by the baby, upset at the sudden upheaval of his world, and thrilled by his new round the clock role as big brother.  Today, he wanted to show Noodle off to all his friends, "This is my baby."  He knows that it's only for awhile and that we don't know how long.  He wants to know why Noodle can't go home right away.  "He needs a safe place for now," I tell him.  "I will protect him!" the Nugget replies.  We could not be prouder of our big boy.

Hubby and I are waking up latent memories of what it feels like to snuggle an infant in your arms, to mix formula and wash bottles, to bathe a slippery baby, to wrestle tiny limbs into cotton sleepers and snap them up before those wiggly toes escape again...finding that our fingers are clumsy but that they remember how.

Expect blog posting to be light over the next few weeks as we find our footing as a for-now-family-of-four.