Sunday, October 2, 2011

Product Reviews: Kids' Sunscreens Group 2

I found some new sunscreens to recommend!

Babyganics Cover up Kids Sunscreen - great consistency, unscented, easy to apply, does not leave a visible chalky film. Retail about $8.99 at BRU, which is fantastic!  Use a 20% off store coupon (they give these out with every purchase) to make it $7.19 a tube for a 6oz bottle - that's competitive with store brands.  I also found a BOGO deal on Babyganics at  They carry it for $11.99, but at BOGO, that's $5.99 per tube. At this price point, it's going to be our family's regular sunscreen.

Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Sunscreen Stick - I have always liked the California Baby sunscreen stick.  All natural minerals, easy to apply, and it doesn't melt in your bag nor drip into your kid's eyes...but at $15-20 (the price has dropped since I last reviewed it), it was a tough price point to swallow.  I'm happy to say that Aveeno came out with a similar stick format made from just Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide, but it's only $9.  Score!

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