Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Daddy

The Nugget often ignores his baby dolls but will occasionally go on jags of intense daddy play.  I thought when Noodle arrived, he would spark some daddy play right away, but not until today did it happen.  And boy, was it cute!  When I went to change Noodle's diaper...

"Hmm, I think my baby needs a diaper change too.  My pretend baby (that's what he calls dolls), I mean, not my real one.  I'm going to change his diaper.  His name is gonna be Noodle too.  (fusses with diaper)  Oh, I see there is no penis, so I guess this baby is a girl.  Her name is Dami.  I am Dami's daddy.  You are Dami's grammy.  And...Dawa is Dami's mommy but she doesn't live here.

Ok, so I'm going to change this diaper.  Oh boy, it is a poopy one!  Wow, that's a good poop.  I need to clean you up, Dami.  Here's a clean diaper and some bottom cream.  Doesn't that feel fresh?  And now, I'm going to swaddle you.

And now, I'm going to give you some milk.  Dami can drink cow's milk now, because she's big.  She drinks it from this bottle, and you can hear her drink it!  And den, I'm going to give her some food.  The food is on this plate.  And here's the bib.  And this stroller is gonna be the highchair, but later it will be a stroller.

Ok, now the highchair is a stroller now, and we're going to take a walk very fast!  Watch this, Noodle, see my going very fast?!

Now she wants to go in the backpack (his doll-sized Ergo).  She likes it!  Oh, she needs another diaper change."

This went on for about 45 minutes, until we had to leave for school.  But the Nugget wasn't done, and had to leave "Grammy" with some instructions.

"Ok, while I'm at school, Dami will need to have her diaper changed at 2 o'clock.  And she will need her diaper changed.  Don't forget!"

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