Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Noodle Noodle Bo-Boodle

Noodle likes:
The jumperoo
The swing
The stroller
Music - he's a big fan of the Banana-fana song (hence the post title) and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Baby Signing Time
Watching the Nugget
Doggie, especially when she sniffs him
The binky when it's his idea
Watching a crowd
Diaper changes
Enfamil Gentlease
Having 2 adults at his beck and call after the Nugget goes to bed

Noodle dislikes:
Wet diapers
Delays in bottle preparation
The car seat
Wearing jackets or feeling warm
The binky when it's someone else's idea
Being worn in the Ergo or the Babyhawk*
Being propped to sit on a lap*
Windy days
Any variety of less-expensive formula
*We are working on these 2 items, because they are really a necessity for any baby, especially a second child!

Noodle has:
A face that reminds me of a cute little old man
Perfect rolls and folds at his joints
A little squeal-laugh
A gummy smile that we see more every day
Busy legs that love to kick our Bop&Wobble Lion
A mellow demeanor, except when he's screaming bloody murder, which is thankfully less and less often
A tired tell - he nuzzles into my body and fondles his nose.
Colicky tendencies - to make up for his nighttime sleeping, he can go into an incredibly fussy inconsolable cry, usually in the evenings.  I imagine he is probably homesick, poor guy.
High dimples on both cheeks

One of the biggest surprises to me about parenthood is how much of a child's personality is fully present from the beginning.  It is incredible to watch it emerge and learn how to support and work with that personality instead of fighting it.  I predicted early on that the Nugget's main drive in life would be for attention - as a baby, he craved socialization and would do anything for a smile.  He would light up when he could command an entire room of adults to clap with him.  I am fairly certain that Noodle's main drive will be for independence - he is a determined little soul and his little "glowing moments" come when he accomplishes a giant feat like getting the binky into his own mouth or managing to bop Happy Apple.

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