Thursday, November 17, 2011

Urgent Message

While leaving a playdate, my friend (known to the Nugget as Miss K) was kindly helping us load up the car.  After the Nugget had been fastened into his booster seat with his door shut, we were loading the last of the bags when we saw/heard him frantically yelling, "Miss K, Miss K!  I have to tell you something!"  He was so desperate to pass on this message that he was on the verge of hysterics.  When she humored him with a, "Yes, sir?" he was blessedly able to deliver this urgent statement.

"Sometimes when we are at the airport, we get scones."
Thanks to old episodes of Blue's Clues on Netflix (Steve will always be far superior a host than Joe), the Nugget is now fascinated by cassette tapes.  I scoured the library to find a book on tape, and finally came up a version of How the Camel Got his Hump by Rudyard Kipling.  It is very odd and read super slowly with lots of strange mystical humming music in the background.  After the first very skeptical listen, it grew on the Nugget, and now we are going to be lucky if he doesn't wear the darn thing out before it's due back.  Of course, the most exciting thing is working the tape deck and imagining the tiny gears in the cassette player spinning.
Parent-teacher conferences at the preschool are always fun and entertaining.  No one will care about this except grandparents perhaps, but as this is my online journal of his growing years, here are some anecdotes from Miss L this year:
-She opened the conference by comparing the Nugget to Norm on Cheers.  When he walks in the room, she says, all the friends yell, "Nugget!"  She said, "And that sums up his personality and our experience with him in the class.  He's a big teddy bear."
-Always a big smile on his face, always participating fully.
-Gets frustrated with fine motor work but is persistent and keeps trying.
-Loves dramatic play and anything flashy.  He has bonded very quickly with one of the teachers who always wears glitter, shiny high heels, and jewelry.  They are "sparkle buddies", says Miss L.  This does not surprise nor bother me in the least.  I picture the Nugget will be the high school boy dressed in drag for Halloween and Spirit Day and really rocking it.  I love this picture of Antonio Garay (a nose tackle for the Chargers), because it reminds me of the Nugget's willingness to be himself and bust through stereotypes.
-Enjoys playing with both boys and girls.  Aside from the rough and tumble play, which he avoids now (such a change from 2yo Nugget), he can be found with nearly any friend at any time.  Miss L said this is a very unique trait for a 4yo, and says everyone enjoys his easygoing, friendly nature.
-Slow to warm up and cautious before trying new activities.  He likes to watch friends try something first.
-Hates getting his hands messy - will frequently run back and forth from a craft station to the sink to cleanse every bit of glue or paint from his fingers.
-Is teaching one friend English!  He is a natural teacher and is really helping his friend M learn new words.
-Dislikes nap time.  They have had to move his cot away from the true sleepers, because he is so restless.   They provide him with books and quiet toys, but it is the bane of his day.
-Is always, always, always dancing.  He makes up songs, creates instruments out of random toys, and "gets his groove on" constantly.
-Loves to be silly.
-Very inquisitive and drawn to the sciences.

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