Friday, December 30, 2011

Boys are back!

 Tater, Doggie, and I were thrilled to welcome our traveling boys home yesterday morning.  Today, they are both sleeping in, and I am grateful that school and work don't start for a few days more so they can recover from their red-eye.

Every time Daddy returns from a trip, Doggie places her snout on his leg and her body over his feet.  It looks like a sign of affection, but my hypothesis is that as a herding dog, she is physically trying to bar him from leaving the pack again.  The Nugget somehow rallied as soon as they returned home, having slept only 2.5 hours for the night.  But at 3:30pm, he basically passed out in his car seat and had to be carried to bed, where he stayed for the afternoon, evening, night, and now part of the morning too!

They had a wonderful trip, and have the pictures to prove it!  Tater and I are a wee bit jealous we didn't get in on the fun.  Next time, I hope!

Baking with Grandma and the cousins.

Time with little sisters!  Meeting Baby Waffle (Poppy's daughter) for the first time.

Catching up with Cupcake (Tum Mum's daughter)
Special train ride to Portland with Grandma and Papa.  Papa worked for a railroad and so shares the Nugget's affection for trains.  Look at those smiles!

Thankful for good friends who met for the zoo and kids' museum.  Proof that distance doesn't dilute friendship.

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  1. So cool to see the kiddos together - and to see how big they've all gotten - but at differing rates!! Remember when they were all babies???