Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Bananas

The Nugget and his snowman.  Clearly he is not familiar with many pipe smokers.

The Nugget recounted how he entertains each of his friends at school.
"O likes it when I laugh, then she laughs, then I laugh, then she laughs..."
"J likes it when I say, (deep voice) 'Banana peeeeel'!"
"M and I go, 'Mek-mek-mek'."

And as a spin-off on the J banana peel joke, he added, "Banana peel dot org."

As the Nugget was giving us the entire banana peel routine while stalling at bedtime, Daddy remarked that he could be a comedian when he grows up.  Then, not wanting to box our son in, he said, "Or maybe you could be a physicist."  The Nugget cackled and immediately repeated (slowly in a loud silly voice), "Phy-si-cissst....mwahahaha!  Banana peel dot org physicist!  Banana peel dot org physicist!"

When helping Daddy fold the stroller today, he exclaimed, "Wow!  That was magical."

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