Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Had ourselves a merry little Christmas

Well, it's just me and my girl this year.  We rang in Christmas at 1:30am, but thankfully went back to sleep several more times before officially wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

I slurped down my morning coffee and dressed us up for church.  Tater was so adorable in her red dress, but I had neglected to try on the size small tights in advance - they hung off her like the saggy baggy elephant.  Oops!  We went early to land a spot in the bawl room, but needed it not; apparently the big service was Christmas Eve.  I have never spent a Christmas here before, so it was a new experience.  Tater slept through the whole service, and the homily seemed meant for us, as it was all about focusing on the (Christmas) present and not dwelling on the future.  Carpe diem.

The boys Skyped in their gift opening at Grandma and Papa's house, so I did not miss the Nugget's giddy glee.  He is the youngest there, so he got to assist everyone in the gift opening.  He didn't pay me much attention, but getting to see his smile, hear his giggle, and witness him running in and out of the frame was awesome.  Very thankful for technology.

We delivered 2 full bags and some old curtain rods to the Goodwill dropbox, relishing the quiet streets.  Home again to watch some holiday concerts and some Netflix, the good (HP, finally!) and the bad (Gnomeo and Juliet).  I swaddled her for a nap, and prepared myself a little casserole and brown rice for dinner.  A Christmas beer, a salted caramel, and an early bedtime for me.  What I thought would be a lonely Christmas turned out into a peaceful one.

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  1. Sometimes the peaceful moments are just what we need - and they make us appreciate the rest so much more!

    So glad that you got to enjoy Christmas with Tater and still watch Nugget take part in the joy of morning.

    We, too, are thankful for technology. Skype allows us to see/talk to J's bmom, something that we find wonderful.

    Happy Holidays!
    B ":o)

    PS - in case it's something you're interested in, we sprung for a new BluRay player for Christmas (since all of the new movies are coming out that way). We got one (Panasonic I think) that has a Skype app and WiFi built in. You can turn your TV into the Skype screen. We haven't hooked it up yet, but if you Skype often, I'll let you know how it works out.