Friday, December 2, 2011

Hungry Burps and Other Bodily Functions

"Mama, when I'm very hungry, my burps sound like this, (deep voice) 'Hit the ball!'"

"Sometimes my pop-pops (that's what we call gas) don't have any sound.  That means they're just for fun."

To our sitter:
"I'm going to eat lots and lots at Thanksgiving, so I can have a good selection."
(And a bedtime stall)
"Um, I can't go to bed yet, because Doggie has to come upstairs and tuck me in.  That's what we do now."

The Nugget's new favorite phrases:  super-duper, a very lot, I'm not positive, I've never seen that
For instance:  "Wow, that's a super-duper, very lot of birds!  I'm not positive, but I've never seen that before."

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