Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making Christmas Lemonade

When we decided to say yes to Tater's placement, we knew there was a strong possibility that she would not be allowed to travel for the holidays.  We said yes anyway, and for awhile, things were looking up.  The pediatrician cleared her for travel, the case worker thought it seemed doable, and we started to get our hopes up that all 4 of us could be WA-bound.  But the judge had some concerns about granting out of state travel to such a tiny baby, so it looks like Tater and I will be home for the holidays while my boys earn some frequent flier miles.

I'm not going to lie, I shed some tears in anticipation of being apart from my Nugget and Hubby over Christmas.  I toyed with the idea of canceling and rescheduling the trip, but decided that would only serve my selfish wishes, it wouldn't be in the best interest of Hubby's side of the family, Hubby, Nugget, or Nugget's birthfamily.

Then I remembered that the first Christmas didn't look so fine from the outside either.  Christmas, after all, is not about postcard-perfection tied up in a red satin ribbon.  It's about sacrifice and love.   If Mary could ride a donkey for miles while 9 months pregnant, we can certainly work some Christmas magic here too.  It's not about a date on the calendar.  It's about making time for each other.

The Nugget was excited to find a note from Santa under our tree yesterday.  Santa told the Nugget that our family should get to have a special early celebration before Nugget and Daddy's big trip!  The Nugget was instructed to take a nice bath, put on his Christmas jammies, set out a cookie and a carrot, and enjoy a magical early Christmas.

He awoke to find the carrot full of reindeer teeth marks, cookie crumbs on the plate, and plenty of gifts under the tree.  Someone's been a very good boy all year.  He was especially fascinated with the timer on our camera when we took our annual pajama picture.  I tried to find red pjs for Tater yesterday in vain, and of course an hour after we took this one, I found an abundance of them at Target.  Oh well!  Pink polar bears are festive too.  Tater is in the real photo, but as foster kids are not allowed to be pictured on public websites, you'll have to make do with her little T-rex hands.

Tater slept through the whole thing, but the Nugget was happy to open and test out her gifts.

Afterwards, we treated the Nugget to mini golf and air hockey at the local bowling alley, then off to the bookstore for pretzels and "dazzleberry" (pink) lemonade.  Home again for more fun with the new toys and to whip up a batch of buckeyes.  Daddy picked up pizza for dinner to make it a truly carefree day.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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