Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Some things I've learned about tiny winter babies:
1.  Put on the socks and booties first, then the pants, so the pants will hold on the footwear.  And the best pants for this are the leggings that taper at the ankle.
2.  Forget the individual mittens, but the flip-over mitts on NB onesies work.  So does a fluffy blanket tucked into the car seat.
3.  Layers are great, because the docs will stress the importance of keeping a tiny baby warm but not overheated.  So 2 onesies, a light cardigan, and a jacket > a snowsuit when you are running errands.
4.  Hats for preemies are kind of problematic.  Save those stretchy ones from the hospital, because they may the only ones that fit for awhile.  I ordered a custom hat from my friend and Etsy artist, Naptime Creations by Sarah, and it's perfect.

Product Reviews
1.  The smallest diaper covers are Bummis Super Brite NB, which will work as soon as baby hits 5 pounds.  Carter's makes some great well-priced preemie clothes, but they are hard to find.  You can order them online though, check consignment shops, Walmart stocks some, or you can do what I did and beg friends who had preemies to loan you some!  Gymboree also has some nice tiny stuff in stores, usually on sale, but it's labeled "up to 5 pounds" instead of preemie.  
2.  I finally understand the sling on the baby tub!  Also the sponge bear is great for laying on the floor next to the tub, under the hooded towel.  So when I'm bathing Tater solo, instead of handing her to Hubby, I can lay her on the towel and wrap her up right away.  Glad to finally get my money's worth out of these 2 items!
3.  I scored a used Babyhawk from a friend, and while I'll always be partial to the Ergo, the Babyhawk is much easier to use with a tiny baby.  No infant insert required, and her head is totally supported without me having to prop her with my hand.  When I have to take Tater to a major grocery run and need the cart space, I take off my coat, put her in the Babyhawk, put my coat back on, and I'm set to go.
4.  Purchased some muslin swaddle blankets this time around, and the difference is amazing.  You can get a snug swaddle that doesn't overheat the baby, and while Tater can sometimes weasel a hand out, she cannot bust out of the thing butterfly-style like she does with the flannel receiving blankets.  I got the Summer Infant knockoff because I had a coupon to BRU, making them way cheaper than the Aden and Anais (but A&A is 4" bigger, so if your baby is big, spring for the real thing).  Also enjoying the Miracle Blanket, which I purchased at half-price from Babysteals.
5.  Very happy with new-ish Johnson's Naturals line of baby toiletries.  Tried the Babyganics lotion after I loved the sunscreen so much, but it have a weird hospital-like scent.  Will use it up, but never again!

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