Sunday, January 8, 2012

Growing Tater

Tater turned one month old last week, and her personality is developing.  She is still a very calm baby, with periods of slight fussiness.  But like any little lady, she's got opinions.  Here are some of them.

1.  Being upright is better than being sideways.
2.  Being held is better than being set down.  And being held with eye contact is the best.  Are you looking at me?
3.  Fleece pajamas are better than cotton.
4.  Lotion is the devil
5.  That Nugget is entertaining.

When she wakes at night for a diaper change and feed, the second I unswaddle her, she paddles furiously with her arms and legs, as if she's swimming.  The backstroke continues, usually accompanied by wailing, while I fasten her bib, and ends with her hands locking down on her bottle.  Speaking of hands, she is trying to retrieve her own binky when it falls out, too.

Tater continues to be very petite, but her joints are starting to show delicious little creases, and her cheeks are round and kissable.  Today, when I held her on my lap, she thrust her feet down and straightened her legs to stand.  She is starting to notice lights and fans.  Her doll-like size continues to draw a crowd wherever we go.  Last night, strangers 2 tables away at a restaurant yelled, "How old is that cute baby?"  The Nugget is always eager to show off his baby.  "Do you want to see my baby?"

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