Sunday, January 1, 2012

Product Reviews: Cloth-Safe Diaper Creams

Now that I'm back in babyland again, I thought I'd share a product review of cloth diaper-safe butt creams. Cloth diapers that are made of synthetic materials, such as microfiber, are not compatible with petroleum-based creams.  The cream will coat the fabric and cause it to repel wetness.  If you use cotton or bamboo diapers exclusively, you can get away with any cream, because it will wash out.  Still, there are plenty of cloth-safe creams on the market, so here we go...

Burt's Bees - This was our first cream, and while it works great, it has a very thick consistency and is hard to push out of the tube.  The cost is moderate, about $7.49 for 2 oz.  ***

Earth's Best - This brand changed their formula maybe 2 years back?  I liked the original and dig the flip top cap, but the new formula tends to separate, so you get liquid squirting out with the cream.  Too messy for me.  Cost good $10 for 4 oz. **

Method - Love this brand, and it even smells good for a diaper cream.  Good consistency.  The only drawback is that the container is a tall rigid bottle that has to be upright in use, so while it's perfect for the changing table, it's not so great for the diaper bag.  Cost low $5.49 for 5.4 oz! ****

Babyganics - I wanted to like this cream, but it didn't seem to help Noodle's diaper rash as much as the others did.  Cost moderate $10.99 for 4oz **

Weleda - Love this one!  It clears up rashes quickly, is nice and thick.  The cost seems high, but you can use less; I can go through 1 tube of this for 3 bottles of Method.  My tube is old, and I was going to put the only drawback was a screw-off top, but I see they now carry it in the flip-cap!  Cost high $12 for 2.8 oz. ****

Calfornia Baby - Same problem as with Burt's Bees.  A very thick formula that is hard to squeeze out of the tube.  But works great on rashes and has a pleasant scent.  Cost high $11.09 for 2.9 oz. ***

Boudreaux's All-Natural - The original Boudreaux's in the yellow tube, is not safe for cloth.  The new green tube is safe, and they also removed the parabens.  I am on my first tube of this and love it.  Cost moderate $9.99 for 4 oz. ****

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