Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Conversations with the Nugget

Nugget:  Mommy, you are cute!
M:  Oh, thank you!  (feeling flattered)
N:  And Daddy's cute.  And Tater is cute.  And Shamrock is cute.  And this bendy straw is cute.
M:  (feeling slightly less flattered now that I'm in the same category of cute as a bendy straw)

A common monologue the Nugget likes to have with random strangers we encounter.  This week, it was the good-natured admin assistant at the dentist office.
"I rode an airplane to Grandma and Papa's house!  Actually, I rode a CRJ200 to Chicago and then a Boeing 757.  And to go home, I had to ride an Airbus, and another CRJ200.  On the Airbus, we had to try to sleep, because it was night time.  And to get to the airport, we took the light rail, and it sounded like a propellor starting very fast (hand motions)!  And when it stopped, it sounded like a propellor was slowing down.  And I made a new friend on the light rail, and we sat together, and I was sad when she got off at her stop very fast."

The Nugget has discovered a new series of educational videos at the library:  Popular Mechanics for Kids.  So he's learning all about submarines, combustion engines, and space travel from a young Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel!

"This is so yummy, I can't even believe it."

(Sees me making PB&J for Hubby's 2nd dinner) "I would also like a delicious sandwich, Mommy." Reminded me of the "delicious Triscuit cracker" line in Billy Madison.

Adding to the list of things Hubby never thought he'd say to his son (and reasons why Hubby is an awesome dad):
"Do you want to be a unicorn again?" (The Nugget's unicorn get-up consists of a paper party hat worn tilted forward on his forehead, and on this occasion he wore it out to a restaurant, took it off to eat, and Hubby offered him his horn when putting his coat back on.)

And 500 points for the use of the word "disgruntled" in a sentence twice in a single week.
"I felt a little disgruntled at school today because Frederick wasn't helping."
"That bobcat looks disgruntled."

(I do realize that I use "the" before Nugget but not with any of the other children's monikers, but I'm not sure why.  I suppose it's like "The Ohio State University", something about his personality just demands a little extra 3-letter intro.)

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