Sunday, February 5, 2012

Full Plate

We all survived our first week as a family of five, thanks in no small part to our incredibly supportive family and friends, who offered playdates for the Nugget, gifts for Spork, an extra pair of hands to cradle babies, and food to fill our fridge.

We did a photoshoot for the kids yesterday, with Emmy J Photography.  Emmy J is owned by a friend of mine, and she's just starting out in the business.  She was so patient with the kiddos, especially the challenging duo of Nugget and Spork together, and her talented eye captured some really great shots.  I can't wait to share them with you!  That was the first time all 5 of us loaded up in the minivan, with 2 backpacks, 2 diaper bags, and a bottle bag in tow for a 2 hour outing.

Spork is adjusting beautifully and has already established his routine.  Last night he watched Nugget and Daddy dancing from the Jumperoo, and added his own giggles and bounces.  I have come to peace with the fact that with 3, there will likely always be SOMEONE who is upset, but it makes me treasure the calm moments that much more.

Hubby has always been a hands-on, involved and caring Daddy, but now that we are outnumbered, he has really stepped up his game.  He is starting to notice things that need to be done and doing them without me having to ask.

The Nugget is doing fantastic.  His frustration usually takes the form of raising his volume at Doggie and stalling like a pro at bedtime, which although annoying, is very very minor on the scale of big sib adjustments.

Tater and Spork are learning to share me, especially on weekdays when I don't have Daddy backup.  Grammy miraculously taught Tater how to appreciate the swing, so that is a saving grace when Spork needs to be fed or cuddled with both hands.

Spork is coming closer to mobility every day.  He can scoot himself backwards, roll in either direction, and pull himself from tummy to crawling position.  I know that means he will be happier but it also means we will go from spending our days cuddling and entertaining him to grabbing choking hazards out of his chubby fists and soothing the Nugget whose property will inevitably be coated with baby drool.

As I sign off of this post, our sink is full of dirty dishes, our laundry seems to be running all day long, Hubby and I are exhausted while the children seem to be full of boundless energy/spit-up, but our house is full of love and laughter, and all the beds are full.  I have the big family I have always longed for, and it is so much better/harder/scarier/more wonderful than I ever could have imagined.


  1. I'm SWOONING for your happiness and family!!! xo

  2. You've got plenty of time to clean house and do laundry. But the kiddos will only be small once! Enjoy!!!!