Friday, February 17, 2012

A Sporkful of Sugar

Poor Spork had an ear infection last week, but the upside is that all that extra cuddling and comfort he needed and received seemed to cement him to us.   His flushed cheeks are back to their creamy caramel color, and the little scratches he inflicted on his own cheeks as he frantically tugged his ears are healing.  He is back to treating us to toothy grins and sweet baby laughter.

In other Spork news, he is almost mobile.  I think we have mere weeks before he will not be trusted to stay where we set him down.  He can do a push up, pivot, twist, roll, scoot.  Here he is making a break for the Nugget's Legos. We will have some serious babyproofing to do soon.

Spork is a generous little soul.  He constantly offers us his drooly teethers and his binky in case we want to take a nibble ourselves.  The other day, I saw him offer a teether to a stuffed animal too.

Spork's excited pose includes:
-Wide eyes
-Open-mouthed smile
-Raised eyebrows
-Outstretched arms
-Jazz hands
-Thrilled parents

Falling more and more in love with him every passing day.

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  1. As always, I love reading your blog! I may not leave comments very often but I'm following along :) Thanks for your kind words about Emmy J in your previous post, and for linking my website. I am so happy to have met your husband and the two newest additions to your family. Thanks, too, for the opportunity to photograph the kids! They are incredibly sweet and adorable :)