Saturday, February 25, 2012


Tater is talkative, much as the Nugget was as a baby.  She makes eye contact, smiles wide, and coos.  She says, "Oh," "Hi!," "Ya!," and "Mmm-goo-ah!"

Tater is beginning to voice her opinions about the bottle being taken away for a burp, about being fastened into the car seat or swing at a time she deems inconvenient, and definitely about having a dirty diaper.  She holds up her head like a champ.  She is still sneezy and prone to baby hiccups.  She likes to practice straightening her legs and is definitely taking notice of her two big brothers and the amazing things they can do.  I found a new way of propping her up in the Boppy so that she is sitting practically upright, and she holds court.

Tater was 8 pounds at her last checkup, and I think now at nearly 3 months old, she is about the size the Nugget was at birth.  Her hair has gone from pin-straight to tight curls after a bath and a mix of curls and cute texture when dry.  I love sweeping it to the side with a tiny clip; it's so much fun to indulge in a little girliness. Her hands are tiny with long fingers, and although she has little creases at the wrists, her hands have not a hint of baby chub on them.  They are like perfect miniature adult hands.  Her feet are long and narrow, and her toes are like tiny pink and brown pearls.

A week or so ago, Tater started fussing herself down to sleep.  At first, I panicked, thinking she was having gas pains or something, but the Nugget calmly stated, "She's just trying to get comfy."  And indeed, after a few minutes of fussing and wiggling, she fell soundly asleep.

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