Monday, February 27, 2012

This and That

Spork likes to use his head like a wrecking ball.  Yet he is so cuddly that I can't help but snuggle him close, coming within range for him to attempt shattering my collarbone with his cranium.  Spork's tired tell is pulling and tugging his beautiful curls.  Poor kiddo doesn't understand cause and effect yet of course, and sometimes he pulls so hard he hurts himself.  Daddy has perfected a "straitjacket hold" that keeps Spork calm(ish) and free from self-inflicted hair loss while he's falling asleep.

Spork starts bucking, twisting, and hollering when we go to put him in the highchair.  When we buckle him and fasten his bib, he looks like he is having a meltdown.  For awhile, we assumed he was protesting, but now we finally realize he is freaking out because he wants the food in his mouth 5 minutes ago.  As soon as the first spoonful hits his tongue, his screams subside into, "Mmmms."  Halfway through the bowl, he's got the giggles.

Spork has a special sneer-smile.  He wrinkles his nose, lifts his upper lip to show off his growing chompers, and raises his eyebrows.

Spork's favorite "toy" is his hairbrush.  As the proud mama/mima to 3 curly-headed children, we are a comb-only crew.  So the brush is for the Nugget to groom his lovies and now for Spork to gnaw on/drum with/sweep the floor.

Spork makes a lot of ambiguous noises; unless you are looking his expressive face, you can't tell whether he's happy or sad.  I have to rely on the Nugget in the car, because with Spork facing backwards, he's the only one who can get a visual.  So the Nugget gives me the play-by-play.  "Oh, he's sad, he lost his binky."  "He's just happy right now, he thinks I'm funny."  Spork snorts when he laughs or cries.

The Nugget likes to put on dance parties for the babies.  When he senses them getting fussy, he turns on his cd player and dances wildly.  "Watch this, babies!"  They are an eager audience.  Spork gives him the jazz hands and dolphin laughter and Tater blinks in wide-eyed amazement.  After watching a Nugget dance party, we commonly observe Tater trying to move her hands and feet in rhythm.

The Nugget likes to introduce the babies everywhere we go.  This is my sissy Tater.  And this is my brother Spork.  Did you know that Spork gets to stay at our house forever?

The Nugget sang a song to Tater the other day that went like this (to the Winnie-the-Pooh theme song, along with the baby mobile),
"I love you, Tater.  Even when you're crying.
I want you to stay forever,
but if you don't,
I'll draw you a picture
so you don't miss me too much."

Lest you think I am neglecting big brother in the photo quantity, let me assure you that it's all his doing.  When he sees me grab the camera, he immediately gets his LeapPad so he can play photographer too.  He's all about being behind the camera these days.

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