Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

 Breakfast with Aunt A.

Giggles with birthmom.

Spork's birthmom, aunt, and a family friend came to visit this weekend!  I will admit, the first visit with a birthfamily (post-placement) is the scariest.  Or I should really say, the anticipation of the first visit is the scariest.  Will we still feel like Spork's parents when birthmom is here or will we feel like we're the babysitters?  Will we walk the right line between being welcoming, accommodating, and inclusive yet be strong enough to set boundaries that will be best for our family?  Will they hate the way we dress him/bathe him/feed him?  Will they be horrified with the state of our house?

I'm relieved to say that all the worry was for naught.  Just as with the Nugget's birthfamily, anxiety only lurks when we're apart.  When we're together, we're just an ordinary family, even though we came together in an extraordinary way.

When you witness all the love in the room, it's plain to see how lucky our boys are.  More love is a glorious thing, and I am thankful every day for the opportunity and gift of open adoption.
On a similar note, the Nugget was using his Play-Doh conveyor belt to create "tootsie rolls and chocolate bars".  When I asked him if he was going to sell them in a candy shop, he replied, "No, Mommy.  I am making them for friends who do not have any treats and people who have never had candies before."  The Nugget gives me so many proud mama moments, but that might be the proudest so far.

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  1. Gorgeousness all around, in every way.

    Also, I totally know your anxiety around visits. I felt the same way the first time, but then I found out they did, too. Since then, it's just gettin' together with the fam'. Love.