Saturday, March 24, 2012

Centennial Goals

The Nugget is a goal-setter.

"When I'm a grown up, I will ____."  

1.  Have a whippet and 3 cats.  The cats' names will be Chasie, Runny, and Charles.  I don't know what my whippet's name will be yet.
2.  Be a daddy, and a teacher, and a ballet dancer
3.  Have a jogging stroller so I can use my running feet.
4.  Never ever like brie cheese or olives
5.  Like mushrooms and peas
6.  Drink beer

The Nugget is also planning for his golden years.

"When I'm 100 years old, I'm going to..."
1. Pilot a helicopter
2. Drive a racecar
3. Buy a minivan
4. Ride on a rocketship
5. Run a marathon
What a kick-ass (excuse my language but there's simply no other word that'll do) centenarian he'll be!

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