Sunday, March 11, 2012

Faster than the speed of sound

One of the Nugget's favorite bedtime stalls is the extra bathroom trip after tuck-in.  He knows we can't fight it, and he still needs enough supervision that we can't leave him entirely to his own devices either.  (He uses tp a little too generously.)  As a compromise, if he needs that extra trip, we go downstairs and he can call us when he's finished.  The other night, he shouted magnanimously from the top of the steps, "Mama, may come up now."

When we pretend to take naps (a new favorite past time of the Nugget), he insists, "Don't say night-night, because it's not nighttime yet.  You could say nap-nap!"  He ends each pretend nap after about .75 seconds with a loud alarm clock, "Brrriinnnng!"

N:  Here, Spork, you can play with this (a frisbee).  Oh no, you don't chew on it, it's a frisbee.  You have to frizz it. (throws it across the yard)

The Nugget has recently learned about germs.  So we have this new schtick now.  At first, I gave the germs a high nasally voice, but the Nugget said, "Mommy, that's really annoying.  You have to make them have a deep voice."
N:  Germs, I'm gonna wash you away!
M:  Oh no!  But we want to make you sick!
N:  No way, Jose.  I'm going to use water!
M:  Oh no, not water!
N:  Annnddd soap!
M:  Oh no, not soap!
N:  Yes, the soap is going to make you slip off my hands and go down the drain!
M:  Oh, we're doomed, DOOMED!
N:  (cackles maniacally as he washes)
M:  Bye-bye-bye (said like Mishka, the YouTube sensation).

Speaking of drama, the 4.5 year old is a mostly smart, logical, compliant creature who is willing to listen to reason.  Except when he's not.  Because a 4.5 year old is also going on 15 and knows everything about everything and certainly doesn't want or need your guidance.  Like today when I requested politely that the Nugget buckle up, and instead he wiggled wildly, played with Spork, and did everything to avoid buckling.  After repeating the instruction more firmly, still nada, so I reached over and took the seatbelt myself to help him when he burst into tears and screamed, "Mommy, I want to do it myself!  You ruined my day, and you're a bad guy!"  (This was following a special outing to the bookstore for gelato and a walk on campus that doubled as a mission to find a climbing tree and to "meet" the Kugel ball that he's become obsessed with after watching Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, so clearly I am the very worst of all "bad guys".)

Of course, I don't like to end a post on a sour note, so I'll share this entertaining Nugget monologue:
"I was super hungry so I was running fast like a fox, and I went faster than the speed of sound.  So fast I went all the way up to 100 (mph).  Because I didn't want my tummy to hurt, and it hurts a very lot when I am hungry."

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  1. I feel you on the "I'll do it myself!" routine. It will be funny in a few years. ;-)