Sunday, March 4, 2012

Holy mobility, Batman

It's official.  Spork is on the move.  We call his crawl, "The Walrus."  Instead of an all-fours or an army crawl, he starts on all fours.  Then he lunges forward, slapping his belly on the floor just like a pinniped.  He catches himself with his hands before his face hits the floor, straightens his arms, gets his knees back underneath him, and prepares for the next lunge/flop.  It's very cute, gets him where he's going, is thankfully a slow process (for now), but the only downside is that all the smacking his belly on the floor forces out more than a little spit-up, so we keep the burp cloths handy and expect a wardrobe change or two or three each day.  Like his brother, Spork's favorite motivators are electrical cords and choking hazards, so we've got some babyproofing to do around these parts.  Luckily the Nugget finds baby toys fascinating, so his big boy marbles and Legos haven't been out much lately.

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