Monday, March 12, 2012

News of Noodle!

This winter has been so nuts for us that I forgot to share some very exciting news!  Noodle's aunt got in touch with me via Facebook (right in the middle of adoption planning for Spork) and even was willing to share her address.  Thanks to her generosity and open heart, were able to send him a care package and see new pictures of him.  He is beaming that great gummy smile in every shot, and we feel so relieved and thankful to know he is thriving in his new home.  We still miss him and that fuzzy-soft-peach head of his.  What a gift to be able to watch him grow up, even if only from afar.


  1. This is wonderful news! I have thought of him and wondered how he was doing.

  2. How awesome!! My old co-worker has two past foster children that they raised from almost birth to near 2, and they have contact. Which has been great for her, but also for her two other children! YAY for Facebook (once in a while it proves its worth!) =D