Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The park is open

March was in like a lanb today, with temps in the 60's.  It was like Mother Nature's way of saying, "Happy 8 months to Spork!"  The only thing to do this afternoon was to dig out the vests and hoodies, pack the diaper bags, and take the kids to the park.  It was our first outing for the year, and Tater and Spork's first visit ever to our local park.

Big brother immediately took to the equipment, and once again, he is stronger, faster, taller.  I swear it was yesterday that he kept toddling towards this merry-go-round, and I'd have to keep removing him kicking and screaming, because the darn thing threw him off every time.  Now he's in complete control of it, whether he's riding or (more likely) pushing.  "Mommy, I can climb to the tippy top of this web!  Watch me!"  And his interactions with peers and bigger kids are amazing; empowered, friendly, brave, kind, confident.  "Stop bouncing it, I don't like it when you bounce it because I could fall and hurt my body."  "Are you going to climb to the tippy top too?   You can do it, you just climb and keep climbing."  "Don't push it (the merry-go-round) yet because he's (a small boy) not holding on.  He might fall off."

Spork was content to watch big brother for over an hour, jazz hands waving furiously.  The wind ruffled his brown curls, and his dimpled hands waved as he giggled and gasped at the Nugget's daredevil stunts.  Tater gazed at me wide-eyed from the stroller, wanting assurance that I wasn't leaving her in the breezy wilderness, and finally napped peacefully after a beverage on the park bench.  Towards the end of our visit, I took Spork out of the stroller and letting him feel the rubbery ground surface for the first time.  He marveled at the dry leftover leaves, inspected a large piece of bark, and laughed at the stroller wheel from his new perspective, down low on the ground.  He walrus-ed about a bit, charmed the locals, and nearly passed out on the 60 second drive home.  He's been teething all week, but getting him outside cheered him up much more than any teether or Tylenol could.  I think he'll be very pleased that our summer routine involves a daily park n' picnic.

I know it's a tease, and we'll see more frost and snow before spring arrives in earnest.  Still, I am so thankful for the beautiful preview of the season.

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