Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top o' the morning

I'm starting to ace this living in the moment stuff, but spontaneity is still not my bag of chips.  Decided to wing the morning's grocery run and parade, and I will spare you the gory details but it involved a forgotten bag of groceries left in the 80 degree car (thankfully not the dairy!), a badly twisted ankle (mine), and a missed third of the parade.  Apparently, I just can't deal when I don't pre-pack and pre-plan every outing.

On the flipside, I surprised the Nugget with a festive green-sprinkled donut, and we made it in time to see a burro, multiple dogs wearing clothing, 3 troops of step dancers, and a kind family of boys next to us who generously shared their parade swag with the Nugget when they noticed that he continually was passed over for treats and necklaces.

And there was a chubby baby in awe of (his first?) bagpipe music!

Spork ate his way through the entire parade, polishing off an appropriately green cup of bean-pear puree, rice cereal, mum-mums, and puffs.  The Nugget was able to stay headphone-less until the very end when the firefighters sadistically made all the babies cry.  Sorry, Spork, your headphones are waiting in my Amazon cart, although I'm kind of hoping they won't see as much action as the Nugget's do.

After a nap break at home, we headed back out for a family park date and a picnic snack.  The river was sparkling, and our picnic blanket was properly baptized for the season with crumbs and baby drool.  The boys were clearly outdoor children from the get-go, but perhaps those are summer babies for you.  Tater has been somewhat more hesitant about this whole wilderness experience, but is warming up to the sensations of spring breeze on her skin and fresh air in her lungs.  C'mon, girl, this is heavenly, is it not?!

As if that weren't enough to do St. Patrick proud, we took advantage of the 80 degree weather to introduce Spork to the sprinkler for the first time.  My friends, Spork is what you would call a water baby.  As a former water baby, I should know.  I think he's going to be thrilled with his swim lessons.

We also have a yard surfer.  Love his creativity.

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