Saturday, May 19, 2012


Besides having Grandma and Papa here, we've had an uber-busy week.  We drove 3 hours south with Grandma, Papa, and all the kidlets packed into the minivan...

Visited with Spork's birthfamily, who were gracious enough to welcome and feed our troops a delicious dinner.  Spork and the Nugget were lucky boys to be first in the Jacuzzi for the season!  Here is Spork with his Bobby (his Mumsie's dad).

 We met Grammy and Grandpa at the children's museum, then hurried to court to finalize Spork's adoption.  Unlike the Nugget's adoption (which was a simple affair where we signed papers in the hallway with the attorney, then the judge declared us legal parents), to complete Spork's adoption, each of us had to take turns on the witness stand answering a lengthy series of questions!  Thankfully we "passed"!  We left the courthouse with one more child now bearing our last name and short one pair of tweezers confiscated by the overeager security guards.  While I'm still ticked about the tweezers, I think we got the better end of the deal.  The bailiff gave the Nugget a donut for his troubles.

We celebrated at a downtown market with fresh baked goods and piggyback rides.  Grandpa's back may be regretting this about now, but it made for great memories and a cute picture.  Had to rush Grandma and Papa to the airport and made it home just as night fell and the kids were crashing.

The next day, the Nugget said goodbye to the 4's room.  Still trying to figure out how our first baby got so ginormous.  And he wants to go back to the baby-free zone school tomorrow, so we might be in for a long summer.

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