Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Beachy

Memorial Day weekend here was crazy hot.  We came very close to 100 degrees on Sat and Sun, so we mall-ed it one day and stayed mostly home the next.  On Monday, the temp dropped back into the mid-80's so we decided to give the babies their first beach experience.  The Nugget was a more than willing tour guide. 

Our resident water baby approved.  He was mostly content to just park his bum in the shallows and splash.

Spork thought the giant sandbox was pretty awesome too.

Tater, ever cautious in the wilderness, was unimpressed with the chilly lake water and nonplussed by the expanse of sand.  She did, however, enjoy her beach tent and observing all the action from a lap.

The Nugget was wild and giggly, boldly swimming with his noodle, making new friends, and even reunited with the little boy he'd played with last Memorial Day at the same beach.  I wouldn't have recognized him in the crowd, but this kid walked right up to the Nugget and said, "Your name is Nugget, right?  We played together last year."

We left sweaty and sandy, happy for the a/c and sleeping babies on the car ride home.  All in all, we felt it was a great dry run for our upcoming weeklong beach trip!

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  1. Kids remember the things you'd never expect them to!