Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Baby Jesus

The Nugget's baby doll has had a slew of names:  Dami, Noodle, Tater, and now the Nugget has informed us that he is caring for Baby Jesus (not pronounced Hey-Zeus).  It's pretty funny and irreverent when the Nugget announces that Baby Jesus has a poopy diaper.

Tonight, the Nugget started his bedtime preparations by choosing a story as always.  Then he said, "Annnnd, tonight I'm going to have a special guest, The Sheep.  I am inviting The Sheep to my bed."  (The Sheep is like a Pillow Pet but with a blanket included.  The Sheep, like all fleece/felt products unfortunate enough to be in our house is completely coated in dog hair.  I wish I could say I lint-rolled the Nugget's special guest before bed....buuuut I didn't.)

I know I've mentioned the Party in my Tummy song from YGG and how the Nugget often invites his dinner to the party.  Lately, there has been an added twist.
"Food?  It's going to be a pool party but wait, the pool is empty.  You can't jump into the pool until you hear the whistle, because you will get a very bad owie.  And when I do blow the whistle, you can jump into the soft part over here because it's safe to do but don't jump into the bottom because it is made of wood, and you will break through it, and that would be very bad. (The Nugget's tummy pool is apparently very complicated and dangerous.)  Ok, here comes the milk, it's filling the pool.  Tweet!  You can get in the pool now!"

Sweet brother moment:  The Nugget bashed his face into the door frame in his rush out the door to school this afternoon.  Many tears followed during the short car ride.  Tater cried along with him in sympathy.  Spork watched him worriedly and when the Nugget had calmed to sniffles, Spork started blowing raspberries and giggling.  I held my breath, unsure if this gaiety would be met with the usual, "It's NOT funny, Spork!" so I quickly interjected, "Spork, are you trying to cheer the Nugget up?"  The Nugget immediately brightened and said, "Yeah, now he's being my big brother!  He saw I was sad, and he's trying to make me feel better!  It's working!"

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