Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 5 year old Nugget

The 5yo Nugget is often camera shy.  Other times, he grabs your hand and demands an impromptu photo shoot!  (see below)

On Creative Pronounciations

On Space Exploration
When he plays Rocketship, he often visits the Planet Uterus or the Planet Coconut.

On Dairy Products
"This yogurt is very wild.  I like it because it's wild like me."
(Translation:  Dannon Pure yogurt is a little bit runny.)
"Foofa and I are making Superman yogurt.  First we add a donut.  Then we squeeze some chicken into it, and it's ready."

On Teamwork
"Thanks for taking me to the pool/beach/library.  I couldn't have done it without you!"

On Personal Hygiene and Felines
"When Toodee sees the Hello Kitty soap in the bathroom, she just freaks out, she likes it so much."
"I like when you rinse my hair with the washcloth, because it's like a mommy cat's tongue."

Favorite Things
Colors - pink and purple
Food - pancakes, berries
Animal - cat
Activities - swimming, bowling, riding your bike and scooter, making your babies laugh
Videos - Yo Gabba Gabba, Popular Mechanics for Kids
Books - Hot Rod Hamster, the Olivia series

Top 5 Challenges of 5
5.  Quiet is not something you've mastered yet.  You do your best to be quiet when babies are sleeping, but your feet are naturally stompy.  Your laugh is naturally effusive.  Thank goodness for white noise machines and humidifiers, and when that fails, a second pot of coffee.
4.  You have a mechanic's curiosity, which is wonderful but also troublesome for a mama who is trying to keep all our appliances and your toys in working order.  I would estimate that I am asked to fix about 5 things you've broken each day, usually while I'm changing a diaper.
3.  Simple tasks befuddle you.  You find a dozen things to do on the way to put on your second shoe.  I find you 30 minutes later, still with a lone shoe on and 13 toys scattered about as you mix up another batch of Superman yogurt.  Shoe?  What shoe?  Combined with babies tandem pooping anytime we are scheduled for anything, and it's a wonder we ever leave the house.
2.  You have a really hard time saying goodbye.  I don't blame you, many adults can't do it either.  Often you will flat out ignore the loved one trying to say goodbye, as if you could make it not happen if you simply don't acknowledge it.
1.  All of a sudden, the tantrums are back.  Wait, tantrum is not quite the right word for it.  Meltdown?  Waterworks?  Whatever it is, it seems to be a loss of the ability to speak about a minute problem and blowing it up into Alexander's terriblehorriblenogoodverybadday.

Top 5 Things I Love about 5
5.  You are so inquisitive and smart.  You are reading, spelling, learning more and spouting more, not just facts, but wisdom every day.
4.  You know what you like, and you're bold about it.  You are quick and decisive, yet you are willing to be flexible and compromise.  You're a man of decision and action, and I dig that about you.
3.  You find the humor in everything.  "Look how Doggie is scratching her ear!  That's so funny!"  "Tater Tot jumps when I jump!  That's so funny!"
2.  You talk to your lovies and imaginary friends, and it's like a window into your world.  To them, you often take on a teacher or parent role.  I suppose that's probably natural for a big brother, but I love hearing you take them under your wing and comfort them from the things they (or sometimes, really you) are scared of.
1.  You are so loving and verbal about it.  "I just love you, Mommy.  I love Spork and I love Tater.  I love Doggie Shamrock.  I love Foofa and I'm going to adopt her so she can be in our family.  Mommy, can we have some more babies, please?  Because I just love babies, and they love me, and I am the bestest big brother."

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